I originally came to see Dr. Beights for help with excruciating pain in both my neck and in my foot. I could barely walk and the range of motion in my neck was extremely limited. What I learned was that everything between the neck and the feet are connected and to get to a healthy state, your whole system needs to work together. Dr. Beights says the healing process is similar to peeling an onion. To get to the root of the problem, you have to peel away layers of “stuff” to identify the real issue. Her processes and suggestions worked for me. She is professional, insightful and always ethical. Her treatments are based on science and logic. It is also evident that she has God-given gifts of touch and compassion and that she is wise beyond her years. My neck pain and my foot pain are gone. In addition to having a healthier body, I now sleep better, manage my stress more effectively and have significantly more energy. I am grateful to Dr. Beights for helping me keep my body, mind and spirit healthy and I continue to highly recommend Dr. Beights to anyone that asks! – L.D. Grapevine, Texas


My experience with Dr. Beights has been life changing. I found Dr. Beights, Wholistic Healing Chiropractic, during an online search. I knew on our first visit we had made a God connection. She was so informative, thorough and caring. My son who is 7 years old was prescribed by an ENT doctor a 10 day antibiotic to help with his severe ear congestion. The ENT doctor explained that if his ears were not better within three weeks, he was going to insert tubes into our sons’ ears. Thus, the pursuit of a natural alternative became my mission. Dr. Beights diagnosed him using muscle testing and knew right away we were dealing with a dairy allergy. It took nearly two months before his ears opened, but THEY DID! He feels so much better and has experienced better overall health. Dr. Beights has become our families’ first choice in medical care and we feel so blessed to have her in our lives. Thanks again Dr. Beights, you truly are a blessing! T.B. – Keller, Texas


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